Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Which I Have Lots Of Fun With The Sixth Gun

The West was always weird, but now we've got
A stranger tale than I have ever seen
Outside a Deadlands game. Right on the spot
I knew I'd found a winner. Here's the scene:
The Pinkertons are after The Sixth Gun,
The pow'rs of which are as yet quite unknown,
But which I know, since this is Cullen Bunn
And Brian Hurtt, that, when at last it's shown,
My socks will be shot off. The story's told
In finest campfire style, and crisply drawn.
I will not soon forget the ugly, old
And ghastly hangéd men who speak upon
Such matters as would turn one's hair quite white,
E'en ere the real bad guys rear up in sight.

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